Why I’m blogging about Digital Commerce

I started my first ecommerce website in 1997. Yes, the internet did exist in ‘97 and some people were trying to sell on it. For the past 25 years, I’ve worked in various roles responsible for driving ecommerce sales. During that time, I’ve formed a few opinions. And for twenty years, I’ve focused them on the business I’m in, but this is expressing those opinions more publicly.

I’m writing this mainly for people like me: professional ecommerce practitioners. I have no intention of taking the time to explain what SEO is or how to target on Facebook. I assume a certain skillset and won’t apologize for it. My main goal is to challenge and push ecommerce players to do more. I believe ecommerce has gotten stale, mainly due to a heavy emphasis on analytics over creativity. Analytics lead to every site looking like Amazon. That is a failure on the part of us all.

So my point of view will be focused on the future of ecommerce (at this point it’s just commerce as they say) and how to play the game at a very high level.

Why should you listen to me? My resume is 25 years of success in building ecommerce divisions. From small to large companies including apparel, tea, shoes and even carpet. I have been in DTC, B2B, consulting and, mostly, B2C ecom. And I’m a big believer in trying things. Seeing what sticks. I have seen creativity win when it clearly should not. Uniqueness is a skillset and is missed. So this blog is just me giving you my opinion in heavy doses. Enjoy.

Jay Allen
Digital believer. Started an ecommerce website in 1997 and been focusing on digital marketing ever since. B2C, DTC, B2B, I've done it all from building campaigns and up.
Atlanta, GA