About Prixvue

It's 2021 and I have a lot opinions. I probably should have started a Medium site like Bezos and his ... well. Or I should have started a podcast. But I don't have time for that. So I started this blog to essentially push my opinions on the world and get feedback that either strengthens them or reverses them. I'm not always right.

Why Prixvue?

Well I pronounce it pree-vu like a preview of what's coming. I already owned the domain, so it wasn't deeply considered. Years ago a friend and I had an idea to create an app that would upload all your pics. Then it would place them together with many other people's pics based on time and location. So you could see everybody's pics from the party and not just yours. I still like the idea, but it never happened. Prixvue was going to be the name of that imaginary app. Now it's just my blog.

What's coming?

I'm focusing on commentary around digital commerce. And I'll try to post things that are decidedly non-consensus. Who cares that I think Amazon is eating your profits. Everybody knows they are. So I'll stick to pointing out that Amazon is a very boring site to shop and you should make your website more interesting than that. That's something I don't hear a lot.

So please sign up to receive my opinions and I promise to keep sending them. Tell me what you think, good or bad. I want to think hard about digital commerce and where it's going. I appreciate being challenged. It's the only way to improve your point of view.